CMS (Charging Management System) dashboard is FREE for white labelling CPOs (Charge Point Operators)

the Number of Electric vehicles is increasing tremendously

Electric Vehicle Future


Electric Vehicles in 2030


Charging points


Market size


80% 0f EV Charging Stations Installed Are

Under-utilized & Not Monetized Effectively


EVChargeMan will help you connect the

missing link

EVCM OCPP Protocol

Open-source communication standard for

EV charging stations

IP Rated Enclosure

With our IP rated rugged enclosures,

our users need not worry about

any weather conditions

4G Enabled IoT

eVCM is an IoT Device,

Always Connected to internet which

offers possibility of 24/7 monitoring

Live charging spaces

available in most of the

reputed gated community (apartments)

parking spaces

Our Live Charging Stations

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