About EVChargeMan

About EVChargeMan

EVChargeMan is a Hyderabad-based R&D Manufacturing Company, providing AC and DC (Fast) Charging Stations for all electric vehicles (2, 3 & 4-wheelers).


EVCM Charging Stations are assured to withstand all logical problems and weather conditions as they have been tested to/in extreme conditions.


EVChargeMan envisions a future that is transposing towards being sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to build an environment around the charging of electric vehicles: a charging framework that can be effortlessly introduced just as clever software solutions, so the user consistently has an adequately charged battery for their next trip.


Therefore, we acknowledge the demand and empower everybody with EVChargeMan to make mobility sustainable.

We don’t simply power electric vehicles. We power Individuals.

A user-based product that is constantly improving to cater to one’s needs.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

EVChargeMan is committed and strives to make sustainable transportation more accessible and convenient for all. In addition, we prioritize conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and responsibility, ensuring our actions align with their values. By maintaining and ensuring these high standards and promoting sustainable transportation, EVChargeMan is working towards a better future for everyone.

Our Vision

“The goal is to pave the way towards a sustainable world. This can be achieved by facilitating the transition towards electric vehicle mobility, which will provide benefits for both present and future generations. By making the shift towards EVs smoother and more accessible, people will be incentivized to make the switch from traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This not only benefits the environment by reducing emissions, but also provides economic benefits through cost savings on fuel and maintenance. Ultimately, by leading the way towards a sustainable and equitable future, we can ensure that the world is a better place for all.”

Management Team

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